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Welcome to Club Baron: a program that dares to pamper your pet!

Bike walking with Penelope.

Home-Stay founder, Jerri Streeter, now offers a special program for our friends who plan ahead. Club Baron is a true specialty club with its luxury activities designed for each canine temperament. And don’t forget that your dog is the only dog boarding here during their vacation stay! The Club runs 10 calendar-nights and includes many delightful activities.  Your pet relaxes with a quiet day at the doggie spa where they are coddled, groomed, and adored. Then they enjoy four carefully tailored afternoons of dog agility practice. Each game and activity lesson is intuitively selected for your pet’s physical abilities, and never strays beyond what they can personally accomplish as a pleasant activity. Depending on compatibility, your pet may be selected for the Share Program which is a pet visit day at our nearby senior home where they help cheer the residents there. Plus we have our daily walks,  and lengthy visits to our nearby state land and ocean parks. Our focus at Home-Stay is to help encourage a fresh, eager attitude and to lift your pet’s spirits.
Warmer seasons include trips to the Dog Park with a doggie ice cream cone on the ride home. For colder seasons we offer an organic chew-treat after their visit to the Dog Park. You can also share in their fun through phone-texted or emailed photos.  If your scheduled vacation runs longer than ten nights, Club Baron Plan comes with a special Club Baron Daily Rate of just $15 for each extra day. All of this in addition to the exclusive personal attention your pet is already accustomed to receiving when staying at their special home at 24 Willard Avenue!

Club Baron Plans are fully paid two months in advance with any extra days already added into the dates. Time blocks can be a year in advance, or a minimum of just two months in advance. All charges for our luxury activities are folded into the Club costs, except for airport & transport fees for Logan Airport in Boston.  Pets flown into Green Airport, Providence,RI, will not be charged.   So if you are already planning your next year’s vacation, plan your pet’s vacation, too. Bring them to Home-Stay!

You can phone me 1-508-343-0738 or print forms and mail to 24 Willard Ave,Rehoboth,Ma,02769:  Club Baron Forms

Taking quiet walk in forest at 24 Willard Avenue

Home-Stay: While you’re away they relax and play.

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