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Home-Stay Pet Care/Jerri Streeter :  (508) 343-0738 (508-FIDO-PET)

Any pet spending the night at 24 Willard Avenue, Rehoboth, Ma., is required to have signed boarding documents included with payment at the beginning of each stay.

Special dietary needs: Home-Stay provides 24hour access to organic dry pet food for all boarders. If there are diet restrictions or special feeding requirements these will be honored, but any specialty foods must be supplied by the owner in adequate supply for the boarding duration. If special supplies run out during contracted services, there is an additional travel fee plus the cost of supplies, unless owners permit use of our own organic food.

Flea&Tick: pre-applied preventive care for biting insects are expected to cover the pets length of stay. If not applied there is a $15 charge for each Home-Stay application plus retail cost of the preventive.

Single overnight stay: $45/each dog
; there is a limit of two dogs per family.

Our weekly plans:

Quik-Stay = 5 consecutive nights:
Two rates for 5 nights: $85 for smaller dogs under 30 pounds; $100 any dogs weighing over 30 pounds. Dogs are leash-walked plus included in home activities. This plan includes a special discount rate of $25/night after first five nights. This is the only plan where an additional boarder may be included.

Leisure-Stay= 8 consecutive calendar nights.
One rate for 8 nights. One dog, any size:  $295. Additional dogs from same family: $65/pet. If your dog stays longer than 8 days, the Leisure-Stay rate reverts to an overnight-rate of $35/night per dog.  Pets will have day trips and outside activities. Price includes any travel expenses during stay.

Club Baron Plan:
$575/10 consecutive nights; lock-in rate.

. Payable two months in advance of stay.
Club Baron Special Daily Rate: $15/night comes with Club Baron only. If your dog stays beyond 10 nights the daily rate reverts to the Club Baron special rate of $15 each additional night. Extra days will already be included in the advance reservation.

Pick up and delivery of your pet is available. Travel mileage within 15 miles of  24 Willard Ave, Rehoboth, is free; over fifteen miles is $20/each half hour in the car.

CANCELLATIONS: (for non-Club plan)  A minimum 24 hours’ notice, please, for cancellations.  The time you reserve may be needed by someone else and your advanced cancellation could mean all the difference for them.

Holidays: accepted by fully paid advanced reservation only.  No refund for cancellations on Holidays. These days are considered Holidays:

New Years Eve/New Years Day              Memorial Day Weekend         Easter Sunday         Fourth of July      Labor Day Weekend           Halloween           Thanksgiving          Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

Returned Check Fees: The Client agrees to reimburse for any bank fees on checks returned by the Client’s bank for non-payment, and any related fees resulting.

Pre-existing conditions: health conditions requiring medical attention, or pets with behavioral issues are arranged with owners on a case by case basis.  Hypodermic injections are not administered.

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